Open Doors USA Applauds Effort to Fight Religious Persecution; Urges Swift Support from Senate

David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA, commends President Trump’s nomination of Kansas Governor Samuel Brownback, a Republican, as ambassador at large for international religious freedom:

“With religious persecution reaching devastating levels around the world, we urge the Senate to confirm Gov. Brownback for this crucial role as soon as possible. Given his strong experience on the important issue of international religious freedom, we have confidence that Gov. Brownback will be an important asset and champion. This nomination demonstrates a genuine commitment on behalf of the Trump administration to religious freedom around the world. We look forward to working with Gov. Brownback in his new capacity as ambassador at large for international religious freedom.”

Previously, as a member of the Senate, Brownback worked tirelessly to improve international religious freedom in countries around the globe, as the Senate co-chair of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. In 1998 he was a key sponsor of the International Religious Freedom Act, which was foundational in creating the Office of International Religious Freedom at the U.S. Department of State. During his time in the Senate Brownback also traveled to Sudan, speaking out against the bombing of civilians, and introduced legislation on the horrific lack of human rights in North Korea.


About Open Doors USA

For more than 60 years, Open Doors USA has worked in the world's most oppressive and restrictive countries for Christians. Open Doors works to equip and encourage Christians living in dangerous circumstances with the threat of persecution and equips the Western church to advocate for the persecuted. Christians are one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world and are oppressed in at least 60 countries. For more information, visit