Scholars and Experts Give Free, Multi-Week Look at the Bible

During several months this spring and summer, Oklahoma City residents will have a rare opportunity to learn more about the Bible’s origins, history and impact. A free lecture series, hosted by Museum of the Bible, will feature manuscript experts and university scholars.

We are excited to bring leading biblical thinkers from Oklahoma, Museum of the Bible and around the world to our community as part of our mission to engage all people with the Bible through world-class scholarship, said David Trobisch, Th.D., Museum of the Bible’s collection director, who will open the series on April 9 with a lecture exploring mysteries of the Bible’s compilation. “We are inviting Oklahomans to join local and international experts for an up-close and scholarly look at the Bible’s history, narrative and impact.”

 A sold-out, Museum of the Bible-sponsored lecture series in 2011 brought renowned academics to its Passages exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Since then, the museum has sponsored lecture series in six U.S. cities, including Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Springfield, Missouri; Santa Clarita, California; and also at the Vatican in Rome.

WHAT:                   Museum of the Bible Lecture Series

WHEN:                      First and third Thursday of the month, April to August (beginning April 9)
                                  Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for the 7 – 8 p.m. lecture program

WHERE:                    Museum of the Bible’s Oklahoma offices
                                  7509 SW 44th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73179

COST:                       Free and open to the public (space is limited, reservations required)
Lecture series tickets are available online at






Lecture Title

April 9

David Trobisch, Th.D.

Director of the Green Collection

Museum of the Bible

What Do the Manuscripts of the Bible Teach Us? Insights, Mysteries and New Perspectives on the Origin of the Christian Bible

April 23

Marty Michelson, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament, Graduate Department of Theology and Ministry


Southern Nazarene University

Complex Characters in the Book of Samuel: How Biblical Hebrew Aids in Characterization

May 7

Heather Reichstadt

Research Associate

Museum of the Bible

Unraveling the Mystery: Finding Clues in Early Coptic Textile Production and Use

June 4

David Anderson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of English


University of Oklahoma

The Bard’s Bible: The Role of Scripture in the Plays of William Shakespeare

June 18

Jennifer Atwood

Curator of Medieval Manuscripts


Museum of the Bible

Learning to Love like Mary: Female Devotion in the Littlemore Anselm

July 2

Norm Conrad

Curator of English Manuscripts and Americana


Museum of the Bible

The Bible in America:

Pilgrims, Puritans and Patriots

July 16

Mariam Ayad, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Egypt


American University in Cairo, Egpyt

Ancient Egyptian Concepts of the Afterlife and Divine Judgment

Aug 6

David Trobisch, Th.D.

Director of the Green Collection

Museum of the Bible

How Did Early Christians Read the Bible?

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