Private Family Interment Service

UpdaTED: March 1, 2018, 8:30 a.M. ET

Billy Graham will be buried at the Billy Graham Library Prayer Garden, located at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte. He will be laid to rest next to his wife Ruth, who was buried June 17, 2007. 

The private ceremony and interment will be held after the funeral service, at the foot of the cross-shaped Prayer Garden on the northeast side of the Billy Graham Library. Due to limited space, the interment ceremony will be covered by a pool video feed and still images provided by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.


Friday, March 2


Billy Graham Library Prayer Garden



Clean, two-camera, switched footage will be available via satellite (same feed as the funeral):

0700-1800 ET (live pictures begin at 0900)  

G-17 20K – Slot D, HD
Codec: h.264/MPEG4
Megahertz: 9
KU Downlink: 12,113.5000 V
KU Uplink: 14, 413.5000 H
Bandwidth: 9MHz
Symbol: 7.000MBPs
FEC: 2/3
Compression: MPEG4
Modulation: DVBS2 8PSK
Pilots: OFF
Data: 13.864454 MBPs

For downlink problems, please contact your in-house satellite department.

Media with funeral credentials may remain in the funeral tent to watch the interment feed. The plug-in for the on-site feed is in the satellite truck parking area.

The interment service will also be live-streamed on



Select images will be available on this newsroom after the conclusion of the interment service.



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