Obtaining Media Credentials for Private Funeral Service

UpdaTED: Feb. 27, 2018, 7:00 A.M. ET

Due to limited space, a separate media credential will be required to cover the private funeral service at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte. Applications for funeral media credentials are no longer being accepted.

Please note, space is limited so not all requests can be accommodated. All media who requested a media credential for the private funeral service will be notified via email by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 27, with details about whether or not they have been granted a credential for the private funeral service, as well as whether they have been assigned a seat, workstation, camera or tech credential.

  • Seat: a single chair inside the funeral tent
  • Workstation: a seat inside the funeral tent with table space for a laptop (Seating is very limited in the workstation area and not every outlet will be granted space.)
  • Camera: access to the camera riser for one camera operator
  • Tech: access only; no designated seat or position in the funeral tent

Media who are granted credentials for the private funeral service can pick up their credentials on Thursday, March 1, from noon to 9 p.m. ET in the Charlotte Media Center. To pick up a credential, media must present a photo ID and one of the following: a working press identification, an official media outlet business card or a letter on outlet letterhead. Media may send one person who has been approved for a funeral credential to pick up all credentials for their outlet or show.

Parking passes will be distributed with media credentials for SAT trucks only. All other media vehicles will be directed to park in a designated area off-site. A shuttle bus will take credentialed media onto the property for the funeral service.

Multiple Requests from the Same Outlet

If multiple requests are submitted by individuals from the same news outlet, all contacts at that outlet will be notified via email. Then those individuals can decide the best contact(s) to send on behalf of the outlet. A response to the email with the names of the individuals representing the outlet must be sent by 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 28, in order to ensure efficient credentialing.

Credential Information for Other Memorial Events

For media credential information for all other Billy Graham memorial events, see Media Credentialing, Parking, Facilities, Access: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.


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