Franklin Graham Statement on Mother, Ruth Bell Graham

Franklin Graham, eldest son

"My mama loved the scriptures, she was a student of the scriptures, but she also had a great sense of humor. She loved to play jokes on people and she played them on daddy, she played them on daddy's staff, and she always, right up until the day she went to heaven, had a twinkle in her eye - a mischievous twinkle that was almost like she was sitting there thinking about what she could do to get one up on you. Mama was just always a lot of fun."

"For my mother, right was right and wrong was wrong, she never compromised on anything. She stood strong for what was biblically correct and accurate. She would help my father prepare his messages, listening with an attentive ear, and if she saw something that wasn't right or heard something that she felt wasn't as strong as it could be, she was a voice to strengthen this or eliminate that. Every person needs that kind of input in their life and she was that to my father. My father would not have been what he is today if it wasn't for my mother. Ruth Graham was that rock in my father's life."