American Bible Society Announces New Board of Directors Leadership

American Bible Society, one of the nation's most enduring nonprofit organizations, has named legal, financial and business expert Jeffrey Brown as chairman of its board of directors. Brown brings more than 25 years of business development and strategic planning experience as well as his legal background as an attorney to the new post.

Other shifts in the organization's leadership include the election of a new vice chair, secretary and treasurer. Lauded leader, lawyer and ordained minister Angela Williams will serve as the vice chairperson. Katherine Barnhart, experienced nonprofit leader, will be the board's secretary, while entrepreneur Mark Hanson will serve as treasurer. Brown, Williams and Barnhart have served alongside outgoing chairman Nick Athens as members of the board since 2015, while Hanson joined the board in 2009.

"American Bible Society is one year into its third century of ministry, and there are big plans for the future of the Bible cause," said Dr. Roy Peterson, president and CEO. "Jeff Brown's wisdom, business acumen and knowledge of complex financial and legal matters, combined with his commitment to American Bible Society's mission, make him an excellent choice to lead the board of directors at this critical time. The goal to see 100 million Americans engaging with the Bible and 100 percent of the world's languages open for translation in the next 10 years is aggressive, but I am confident this board will lead with discipline, integrity and obedience during this next season of ministry."

Brown's predecessor Athens is transitioning after completing a three-year term as chairman. Athens was elected to the board in 2010, served as vice chair in 2013 and became chairman in 2014.  

"Even as we celebrate all that is ahead, we look back with thankfulness for the indelible impact Nick Athens has had during his time as chairman of the board since 2014," said Peterson. "He led boldly as we celebrated the tremendous milestone of American Bible Society's 200th anniversary, and his steady hand guided the organization in its move from New York to Philadelphia. The positive influence of Nick Athens' leadership will be felt for years to come."

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