Americans’ Secret Messages of Encouragement Reach North Koreans

Covert Broadcasts 'Astonish' Underground Christians Listening on Illegal Radios

Earlier this month, thousands of Americans' personal messages of hope were delivered to North Koreans via shortwave radio broadcast from a secret studio across the border in South Korea operated by partners of Open Doors USA, an organization that has supported persecuted Christian minorities for more than 60 years.

VIDEO: Go inside the covert South Korean studio.

A secret network of North Korean believers—trapped in the No. 1 worst place in the world for Christians—can hear the inspirational messages through specially configured radios smuggled into the country. The cross-border, illicit frequency is impossible to pick up using the standard, North Korean state-issued radios, which only receive government-approved transmissions filled with propaganda.

Reacting to the Christian radio broadcasts, one North Korean resident told Open Doors, "We are astonished that God loves us so much that He uses brothers and sisters that we don't know to support us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

The organization, which launched—a definitive resource on a country with one of the most ruthless human rights records of the 21st century—is calling on the world's leaders to pressure Kim Jong Un to set North Korea on a new course.

"Open Doors is encouraged that Kim Jong Un has reached out to other world leaders lately and, more recently, Pope Francis," said David Curry, CEO of Open Doors USA, who recently returned to the U.S. from the secret studio in South Korea. "These actions give us a small glimmer of hope that perhaps Kim is at the beginning of a challenging journey toward restoring religious freedom and other internationally recognized human rights.

"Open Doors calls on Kim, and all who meet with him, to take actions to set North Korea on a new course. Kim must be convinced to: 

  • admit inspectors to North Korea’s labor camps; 
  • lift restrictions on outside news via radio, television and the internet; 
  • create channels that allow for the distribution of Bibles and other religious materials; and
  • begin shifting policy toward free expression in every sector.

"In the meantime, Open Doors will do all we can to support the religious rights of Christians in North Korea and elsewhere around the world."

Americans who want to deliver messages of faith and hope to underground Christians in North Korea can click here to submit their encouragement to be translated and read in future secret broadcasts.


  • David Curry, who just returned from the secret studio in South Korea, is available for interviews concerning religious freedom in North Korea.
  • is a comprehensive source of in-depth information on the country’s ruthless human rights record and persecution of Christians.

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