Bios: Persecuted Christians

Father Daniel - Iraq

"From when I was born until now, all I have known is war, war, war. I hope that these kids will not have to go through that same youth; I want them to have a new life. A life without any wars and without any weapons. They need peace."

An Iraqi native, Father Daniel has only known a life filled with strife as a result of his Christian faith. As a teenager he and his family faced intense persecution by Al-Qaida, forcing them to flee to Erbil. He was ordained as a priest in 2012 and appointed to serve in Erbil. In 2014, refugees from the Ninevah Plain began flooding the region looking for safety from persecution by ISIS and Father Daniel continued to build his ministry to serve them.

In 2017 he presented a petition for increased support for those facing persecution—containing 800,000 names from 143 countries—to Prime Minister Teresa May. In response, the next year she created a new government role of 'Prime Minister's Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief' and the Foreign Secretary launched a review of whether the UK is doing enough to support persecuted Christians.

Hana – Southwest Asia

"I am a teacher, mentor and run a small business so that we can take Jesus into the work place. I believe in being a little light for Jesus in a very, very dark world."

Hana's country of origin is so dangerous for Christians that she cannot even identify it with specificity. She works with women, children, pastors and students and can share what it is like to live a life of fear because of her faith.

the Rev. Dogo – Nigeria

"We encourage Church members in high government position to use their positions to influence decisions related to the church. We hold seminars for pastors to encourage them to remain at the frontline for the sake of the gospel, the church which is above personal interest. We visit Christian communities and encourage believers who once denied their faith that God is faithful to receive them back." 

The Rev. Dogo was born in Nigeria where he is serving Christians facing persecution at the hands of Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen. He has formal theological training and serves as a missionary teacher. He founded an organization in Nigeria that promotes social justice and works to restore hope and dignity to those facing persecution. He has extensive experience in working with recent converts from Islam to Christianity and his work uniquely positions him to encourage those who could waver in their faith to stand strong, even in the face of great adversity.

Elisha – India

Elisha was born in Northern part of India and began serving women and children there in 2003. Her service quickly led her to see the need for formal theological training. Following her education, she held several positions continuing to serve Christians in India.

She and her husband work together in ministry to oppressed, persecuted, and abused women. They provide pastoral care, prayer and counselling.

For her security she cannot appear in photos or videos and she is using a pseudonym.