Floor 3—Stories of the Bible: The New Testament


The third floor of the museum is dedicated to Stories of the Bible. Three experiences and a central courtyard are also available on this floor:

  • The Hebrew Bible, an immersive walk-through experience based on the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament
  • The New Testament, which is primarily comprised of a surround screen theater featuring an immersive film experience
  • The World of Jesus of Nazareth, an exhibit space re-creating a first-century village for guests
  • The courtyard, which serves as a central point of departure for the three experiences on the third floor and a neutral space for guests before they embark on their journey

Size and Content

Of the 37,528 square feet on this exhibit floor, The New Testament is some 5,000 square feet, divided into two spaces:

  • New Testament Queue: Stylized posters of key Bible characters fill the walls. Guests use handheld devices to interact with the posters and learn more about stories that are integral to the New Testament.
  • New Testament Show: A 210-degree panoramic screen gradually reveals itself from behind a grand-draped curtain, providing a unique, dramatic environment for the story of the New Testament. A custom musical score envelopes the 124-seat venue from all sides. This 12-minute production, with four showings per hour, focuses on the spread of the early church, told through the eyes of those who knew Jesus in a stylized, ink-and-parchment world.


From the moment they enter the Stories of the Bible area, guests are enveloped in a custom musical score and sound design. The New Testament theater features a beautiful, ultra-high definition, wrap-around panoramic screen with cutting-edge, 4K laser projection and 36 channels of audio that engage the audience and bring them into the heart of the story.


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About Museum of the Bible
Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible. A fly-through of the museum is viewable here.

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