Floor 1—Overview: Lobby and Orientation Area


The lobby and orientation area consist of several elements, including north wall windows, art glass, a digital ceiling, a digital docent, an orientation wall and touch tables. On the north wall guests are greeted outside by nine digital canvases giving them instructions and highlighting key elements of their visit. Once inside the museum one of the largest horizontally mounted digital ceilings is guests' first impression. Guests proceed to the ticketing window and are given a digital guide that directs and educates them during their visit. Guests are then drawn into an orientation area by a 60-foot, digital orientation wall to configure their digital guides on one of seven touch tables. 

North Wall Windows

These nine windows are located on the first floor by the entrance to the museum. They flank guests while they queue to enter, providing marketing, advertising and information to the public. Additionally, the windows give guests information on registration, artifacts, specials for the day and special events at the museum. Technical features include two 55-inch, DynaScan monitors in each of the nine windows in first-of-its-kind, book-shape configurations that can be controlled separately or together, as well as 5500-nit, ultra-bright LCD for outdoor applications (An average TV has a brightness of 800 – 1000 nits, which makes these five times as bright in order to be seen in full sunlight.).

Arcade Ceiling

The arcade ceiling is one of the largest, horizontally mounted digital screens in the U.S., running the length of the grand lobby. With dimensions of 140 by 15 feet, the digital ceiling features 555 LED panels (5MM pixel pitch). The ceiling is surrounded by channel glass on both sides, giving off reflection from the ceiling above and enhancing the digital ceiling designs. The content includes kaleidoscope-style images from the Museum Collections, stained glass, views of landscapes (sky, clouds, trees, stars, etc.), Bible illuminations, scripture and architectural elements. Guests see different images throughout their museum experience based on algorithms running different designs and themes.

Orientation Wall

A unique, 56-foot-long by 8-foot-high bank of continuous monitors with 50 55-inch screens arranged two screens tall by 25 screens wide draws guests into the orientation area where they customize their digital guides for their personalized tours. The wall also provides information about events, specials, upcoming attractions and map orientation. The screen has LG, ultra-thin, bezel displays with a 3-D map of the museum to familiarize guests with the floors, exhibits, restaurants and events within the museum.

Digital Guide (See separate fact sheet for more detail.)

The digital guide is a key differentiator for Museum of the Bible, employing patent-pending technology that will be first-of-its-kind, equipping museum-goers with a device that personalizes, navigates and engages. Key technologies developed around the digital guide include realtime location services, navigation, dynamic tour creation at the touch table and personalization while guests are touring the museum. There are approximately 3,000 devices on hand and 10 available languages—English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew—built with accessibility for persons with disabilities, as well as an option for emailing tour information for further education.

Digital guides are provided complimentarily to each guest, including a custom case that allows the device to communicate with the navigation system, charge wirelessly, update remotely and interact with the touch tables for guest configuration. Guests also receive custom headphones free of charge with an option to use their own headphones or purchase earbuds.

Touch Tables

The touch tables allow guests to configure, navigate and personalize their experience. These tables work in conjunction with the digital guides to help guests orient themselves and coordinate their activities while at the museum. There are seven, 86-inch touch tables in the orientation area and a 55-inch touch table on each exhibit floor atrium for additional configuration. Each table has 140 touch points, which allow for up to 10 users per table. Each guest can customize their day in the museum at these tables through a four-minute, guided programming process.

About Museum of the Bible
Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible. A fly-through of the museum is viewable here.

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