More Americans Mix Healthcare with Religion

Faith-Based Healthcare-Sharing Organization Sees a 61% Increase in Membership

A recent Pew Research Center study found that 72 percent of Americans feel that religion is losing its influence on U.S. life and that this is a bad thing. But many Americans are bucking this trend and mixing faith with their healthcare needs.

Medi-Share, a healthcare sharing program that aligns with the Christian faith and offers members significant cost savings, has experienced dramatic growth since not only the enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, but also since the beginning of open enrollment last year. Since September 2013, some 40,000 Americans have chosen to satisfy the individual mandate by joining Medi-Share. A special provision in the law allows them to share their medical bills with each other rather than purchase a costly, traditional insurance plan. Since 2010, Medi-Share has more than tripled its membership from approximately 35,000 members to some 106,000 members today.

According to Kaiser Family Foundation, the average family insurance policy costs $16,834 a year. In stark contrast, the average cost for a Medi-Share family is approximately $3,600 a year, less than a fourth of the cost of traditional health insurance.

"As open enrollment begins, the cost and uncertainty of the marketplace will likely cause many Americans to wonder which option is the best for their family. We hope they will realize there is another option, one that involves sharing medical bills with fellow Christians without any penalties," said Tony Meggs, president and CEO of Christian Care Ministry, which operates Medi-Share. He continues, "After the growth we experienced in the last year, we are looking forward to providing even more Christians with a proven solution to their healthcare needs."

Medi-Share is a member-based program where like-minded individuals directly share medical bills. Since 1993, the organization has shared more than $663 million in medical expenses and saved an additional $281 million in medical expenses through discounting. Medi-Share currently has more than 106,000 members and is continuing to grow.

Christian Care Ministry has provided biblical healthcare solutions since 1993. More than just healthcare, it is a community of people who share their faith, lives and resources, and pray for and encourage one another. It is a team of professionals that promote and support living a healthy, biblical lifestyle through the programs Medi-Share, Restore, Manna and the website and app PrayerStream.