With Heightened Risk of Cholera Outbreak, MAP International Rushes Medicine and Supplies to Haiti

MAP International is preparing for an outbreak of cholera in Haiti, as nationals are already experiencing food, clean water and medicine shortages. The nonprofit is dispatching an additional 20,000 pounds of medicine and supplies to provide relief for the 1.4 million people suffering from the damage left by Hurricane Matthew.

"Cholera is a huge concern in Haiti, and it is critical that we act quickly to provide medicine and supplies to decrease the risk," said Kipp Branch, senior partnership development officer for MAP International. "This deadly bacteria found in contaminated water can often have catastrophic results in a matter of hours. Our work has only just begun, and we will continue to provide relief and medical assistance to the millions trying to recover from the devastating impact of Hurricane Matthew."

MAP International has already sent one container to Haiti with an Interagency Emergency Health Kit that has essential medicines and medical supplies. The kit can treat common diseases for up to 10,000 people for 90 days and is designed to provide healthcare coverage when health systems are disrupted. A second shipment of antibiotics, oral rehydration salts, first-aid kits and other disaster supplies was rushed to Haiti late last week. Workers on the ground are already using 25 Medical Mission Packs, containing 300 treatments each of prescription medicines, to alleviate the immediate impact of injuries and disease.

MAP International is working with several partner agencies in Haiti to distribute medicine and supplies to areas of greatest need.

Those interested in partnering with MAP International can visit Map.org/hurricane-matthew to donate; each dollar provides $60 worth of medical supplies.


  • Photos of supplies
  • B-roll footage of container being loaded
  • Interview with Kipp Branch, senior partnership development officer

About MAP International
MAP International is a Christian organization that provides life-saving medicines to people living in poverty. The organization has responded to natural disasters worldwide for more than 60 years with vital medicines and relief supplies. Recognized for its 99 percent-efficiency rating by Charity Navigator, MAP International provides essential medicines that prevent diseases and promotes health to 10 million people each year, creating hope that gives people the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Since 1954, the organization has provided more than $5 billion in medicines and medical supplies. For more information, visit MAP.org.