Christian App Resubmitted to Apple

Manhattan Declaration Drafters Send Revised App and Petition Signed by 43,000 Urging Steve Jobs and Apple to Reinstate App that Supports Life,
Traditional Marriage and Religious Freedom

A week after appealing to Steve Jobs and Apple, the three primary drafters of the Manhattan Declaration have submitted a revised app to Jobs along with a petition signed online by 43,000 supporters.  The petition urges Apple to reconsider pulling the app from its iTunes and iPhone application store.  Although Apple has not communicated directly with Manhattan Declaration officials, a public relations representative from Apple told media that the app violated Apple's developer guidelines by being "offensive to large groups of people"  - despite the fact that Apple originally gave the app a 4+ rating for "no objectionable content."

"In reading some of the blogs and press on the Manhattan Declaration app, we understand that one element of the app, the poll, seemed particularly offensive to those who asked for the app's removal," saidColson Center for Christian Worldview founder and Manhattan Declaration drafter Chuck Colson.  "As a sign of goodwill, we have removed the poll and have resubmitted the app without it."

Despite having approved and posted a Manhattan Declaration app on its online store in October, Apple quietly pulled the app from its site over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  The app allowed users to read the Manhattan Declaration, share it with others, sign the statement and take a poll about the sanctity of life and marriage.  More than 480,000 Christian clergy, ministry leaders, scholars and laypeople representing dozens of Christian denominations have signed the statement that affirms the sanctity of human life, marriage as defined by the union of one man and one woman, and religious liberty, since it was made public on Nov. 20, 2009.

MEDIA NOTE:  The full text of the Manhattan Declaration with a list of signers and an opportunity to sign is available at  To schedule an interview with a Manhattan Declaration representative, request an interview online or call (770) 813-0000.