Bible Makes a Big Leap Forward

Digital Bible Library Surpasses 1,000 Texts

For a book that has been around for thousands of years, the Bible continues to surprise.

Every Tribe Every Nation, an alliance of some of the world’s largest Bible agencies and their financial partners, announced today that the Digital Bible Library has just surpassed the significant milestone of 1,000 Bible texts. The Digital Bible Library™, supported and enabled by the Every Tribe Every Nation® alliance, was built and is operated by the United Bible Societies who proudly puts it at the disposal of the Alliance and ministry partners.

“Having more than 1,000 texts included in the Digital Bible Library is a tremendous milestone,” said Gary Nelson, Chairman of Every Tribe Every Nation. “There is a lot of work still ahead. But passing the 1,000 mark serves as an encouragement to all of us engaged in the work of ensuring that everyone can engage God’s Word in their heart language no matter where they are or what their situation. It reminds us of what is possible.”

Some 4.3 billion can potentially be impacted by the 1,000 texts. Every Tribe Every Nation is a partnership between American Bible Society, United Bible Societies, Wycliffe, Seed Company, Biblica and SIL as well as a group of generous financial partners. Together these agencies have committed to overcoming obstacles in translation.

“Over a billion people still lack access to God’s full message in their heart language,” said Roy Peterson, President and CEO of American Bible Society. “Even among those language groups for which a Bible translation is available, giving people access to that translation often remains a challenge. The Digital Bible Library is an incredible tool for helping to make the Bible more accessible around the world.”

Every Tribe Every Nation adds approximately 30 new texts to the Digital Bible Library each month. With approximately 6,500 languages on earth, there are still approximately 1900 languages without a Bible translation even begun.

The cost of digitizing each Bible translation varies from $1,500 to $20,000, depending on the extent to which the work of translation, digitization and quality assurance has progressed. People can learn more about Every Tribe Every Nation and the Digital Bible Library by visiting


Founded in 2010, Every Tribe Every Nation was created to coordinate the vast resources of the largest Bible agencies in the world. This innovative partnership and resourcing model catapults Bible translation into the digital age and serves as a catalyst to speed up translation efforts through cooperation.